Sustainabllity vs Our Products

  • ARUGAMBAYY SURF COย implementing sustainable fibres and recycled fabrics into Planet collections, has become a business wide pursuit to operate with people and the planet at the forefront of our minds. We are finding much more purpose in measuring our impact and in doing so, challenging ourselves to continually better the way we do things.

  • Eco Friendly

we are trying to do our part to leave a smaller environmental footprint on our world and in doing so we are developing our ranges to be more planet friendly.whilst also ensuring we stay true to our premium quality.

Below is a list of some of the fibres we are already using


High Quality Organic Cotton is one of the most used raw materials around, so where possible in our designs, we are trying to utilise organic cotton. Organic Cotton is grown in a way that uses methods and materials that have a far less great impact on the environment. It also restricts the use of chemicals and pesticides.


Organic cotton and recycled poly rPET blend fabric,It's more durable and heavyweight. Each shirt That made saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill, or worse, To do sustainable & Planet Friendly Apparel & Clothing Will be Our goal we feel strongly about improving the use of plastic and we will continue to investigate more planet friendly options.

  • Products Suppliers

  • Champions
  • Bella/Canvas
  • Gliden
  • Amarican Appreal
  • Alternative


stanley/Stella has focused on simplicity, highlighting the essence of the garment. The driving force of its founder Jean Chabert: to break codes, to change the perception of the textile industry. To offer products that respect people, the environment and customers.

From the beginning, There has been to create high quality garments in the most responsible and ethical way.therefore integrate sustainability into everything they do, making deliberate decisions about who Stanley/Stella work with, how they work & what materials they use. Being engaged at every step of there supply chain,as well as having an innovative company culture, constantly pushes Stanley/Stella forward to make a real difference.

At Stanley/Stella work closely with suppliers to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment.exclusively use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials such as Modalยฎ.

Stanley/Stella supply chain is certified by various independent bodies and standards. Each of these certifications demonstrate that are working towards building healthy environmental practices and greater respect for the planet, every step of the way. Certified by GOTS, GRS, Oeko-Tex, OCS and PET, Stanley and Stella Use implsustainable production methods. So that can affirm that our finalized, decorated garments are 100% fully sustainable.


econscious does not use any animal fibers in our clothing or apparel. To show our commitment to utilizing non-animal based fibers weโ€™ve partnered with PETA Approve Vegan.ย 

econscious works with factories who share commitment to manufacturing quality products and providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. We ensure the factories we work with adhere to wage, child labor, overtime, health, safety and environmental standards regulations. Factory visits throughout the year confirm compliance to our high standards for product quality and code of conduct.

  • How ABAY (ARUGAMBAY SURF CO) Taking Part of Sustainable Fashion Movement

Eco-friendly products

Our eco-friendly product collection consists of items that are made of at least 30% sustainable, recycled, or biodegradable materials.

We work with suppliers that produce high-quality products that last many washes, keeping print colors vibrant and the fabric soft.about product sourcing or manufacturing, product certificates that are as GOTS and OEKO-TEXโ€”to all our products that have been certified.

Efficient printing

A significant part of our products are printed with the direct-to-garment (DTG) technique. With DTG, ink is sprayed onto the garment, which helps it soak better into the fabric and makes the print less prone to fading.For our Supplier DTG prints,use Kornit machines and inks. Kornit uses high-quality, water-based vegan inks that they formulate, test, and produce in their own factories. Kornit inks are non-hazardous, toxin-free, biodegradable, and certified with an OEKO-TEX Eco Passport.


Reducing the use of plastic in our packaging

Having more environmentally friendly packaging choices is important to our customers, yet itโ€™s one of the most difficult things to do. Plastic materialsโ€”like mailer bags and additional plastic wrapsโ€”are good at keeping your products safe and sound till they reach your doorstep. However, weโ€™re working on finding ways to reduce our plastic use so we use one poly mailer bag to package them.

weโ€™re also experimenting with using cardboard packaging for phone cases,as well as exploring environmentally friendly void filler options for box shipments to boost our sustainability measures.

The change is going to be gradual, and we're moving forward one step at a time

we've eliminated the second layer of plastic packaging for all single-item shipments

we're testing the best paper tape to switch over from acrylic tape

to eliminate the need for plastic caps in poster packaging, weโ€™ve switched from cardboard tubes to triangular boxes

adding recycling instructions to the poly mailer bags we're currently using

weโ€™ll keep looking for more ways to improve our packaging and reduce plastic use even more.


Learning every step of the wayItโ€™s a long road to becoming more environmentally friendly,


yet we strongly believe that every moveโ€”no matter how big or smallโ€”is an important one. Weโ€™re putting realistic and tangible goals first, and looking ahead to find new ways to improve.


Thereโ€™s still a lot to do and a lot of mistakes to learn from, but weโ€™re believing to getting better every step of the way. We know sustainability is important, and itโ€™s uplifting to see our customers showing passion for a greener future. Our sustainability journey is a long one,but weโ€™re happy to be on it.

We are at ABAY (ARUGAMBAY SURF CO) challenging ourselves to continually better the way we do things, Our Manufacturer out side Sri Lanka been Able to provide this opportunitys For Us,So there for we work with Environment Friendly Suppliers, And Brands, Manufactures,To do Quality Sustainable Eco Friendly Apparel & Clothing Products From A-BAY With much more purpose & Support for the Our planet and Our Envirement & People.

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