Okanda is a small hamlet in the eastern coast of South of Arugambay It is known for its shrine dedicated to Hindu deity Murugan known as Ukanthamalai Murugan Kovil and for surfing. Pilgrims from the Eastern Province and the Northern Province stop over at the Okanda Murugan temple on their Murugan Pada Yatra voyage to Kataragama temple in the Southern part of the island.
Okanda is a corruption of the verb Ukantai meaning "to sit", for at this holy site Lord Murugan and others 'sat down' (ukantār) and rested.
Okanda, is about 1h by tuk-tuk from A-Bay and picks up as much swell onto a sucky outside sandbar below a whale-shaped rock. The super-fun walls inside the cove are always offshore.On nice And sunny day could be adventurful trip, going through jungle, see the white sandy Beach!!Β 

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