Whiskey Point

Arugambay ArugambaysurfcoIt is one of the areas for beginners/intermediate surfing lessons, and even professionals come to test their skills. Surfers do not have to swim out very far to catch some waves, as they break somewhat close to the beach. The waves are not harsh but it may take a while to get a good wave coming along.For those who are getting back into the water after some time to regain their confidence, this is exactly the place to go.

Whiskey Point is a fairly exposed point break that has reasonably consistent surf. Works best in offshore winds...

Elephant Rock

One of the places that must be visited is Elephant Rock. It is a popular surfing spot for beginners and an area that is secluded from everything else.Now it is more popular for The sunsets and instagram clicks, It is an undiscovered place that’s perfect for exploring untouched beaches and a hiking location where you can take in a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

The ideal times to go would be during the early hours of the morning and in the evening, but in the morning you may be able to catch wild elephants roaming around nearby.
It can...


Peanut farm is one of the unique Point break with beautiful long sandy coastal area where it meets jungle and wild life!

gained its name for it once had plantations of peanut farms before they were destroyed during the tsunami in 2004
It has two beach breaks wich waves connect certain times with both So it can be long amazing ride with barrel,if you can make it close to the rocks, also this spot where one has gentle waves suitable for beginners and the other has challenging swells for the intermediate/advanced.
Wild life around here can be...

Waves & Swells

Arugam Bay is a perfect, sand bottom right points. May and October, with July and August being the peak surf-tourist months. The southwest monsoon is Arugambay primary swell-maker along with clean, distant southern groundswells that originate in the Roaring Forties. This is also the season that the prevailing west and southwest winds are fairly offshore for part of the is reliable, consistent, and fun, A-Bay

Β is dreamy for a longboarder, a fish rider, or anybody with a penchant for small, rippable rights. There are one or two lefts in the vicinity, also there are numerous spots in...


Okanda is a small hamlet in the eastern coast of South of Arugambay It is known for its shrine dedicated to Hindu deity Murugan known as Ukanthamalai Murugan Kovil and for surfing. Pilgrims from the Eastern Province and the Northern Province stop over at the Okanda Murugan temple on their Murugan Pada Yatra voyage to Kataragama temple in the Southern part of the island.
Okanda is a corruption of the verb Ukantai meaning "to sit", for at this holy site Lord Murugan and others 'sat down' (ukantār) and rested.
Okanda, is about 1h by tuk-tuk from A-Bay and picks...