Main Point ArugamBay

Arugambay Arugambaysurfco Abay asanka waduga surfstoriesThe best wave in the Island.2-3 minutes walk from Arugambay, watching Arugambay sand dunes & Jungle it's a A reef-bottom, creating 400 – 600m long right-hand point break that can hold up to 8ft of swell. Being at the top of the point, it receives no protection from the wind so gets blown out easily. It has two obvious sections: a fast wall from the peak that then crumbles and you have to speed this section and then a slower, longer ride on the second peak. The busiest of waves due to its quality and proximity to Arugam Bay. Prepare for crowds.Morning Seasons can be Clean & Smooth, mid day Can be less Crowded,This is where they helds main surf comps,National& International,Two wsl events happened here all ready,Surf spot was founded late 60s..

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